December 29, 2011

Deb Budnick: The best candidates for laser liposuction are both men and women. Small, large, really doesn’t matter as far as size goes. We take off a couple of inches per area, per patients’ needs. People that exercise daily and eat a good healthy diet are definitely candidates for laser liposuction. They usually have a problem area and we’re able to help with that area and get them back to the perfect perception that they are.

The areas that men typically choose to get liposuctioned are the male breasts and the abdomen. The abdomen, sometimes the flanks included. With women, the number one area that I see people requesting is the abdomen and the muffin top women call it, after children, they have this roll that hangs over. We also do the chin, we do the inner and outer thighs. Thighs are probably the second most popular area, number one being the abdomen. The results that can be expected with liposuction are a smaller size, inch loss, definitely over time. It’s a slow process, a slow healing recovery but life-changing.

Cold laser liposuction is definitely better than other liposuction procedures out there because we use the cold laser which helps assist the fat cells to liquefy. The fat is actually released from the fat cell and we’re able to suction that all out nice and evenly to give you great results in the long run versus other lasers than can’t assist such as the hot lasers out there. Those have risks of burns and uneven results. We’re really happy with our cold laser.

Most people can go back to work in about three days after liposuction. The most popular day to get liposuction is generally Thursday, Friday and go back to work by Monday. However, expect to be pretty sore. But definitely you can move about and do your daily activities. A nice long weekend to recover is best.

The results with liposuction are about approximately six months or so, it could be a little bit longer. You can actually heal for about 18 months, but the most results are seen in usually one to four months. That first month is dedicated to your bruising and your swelling and tissues that become hard which is all normal, but it’s definitely a patient recovery.

To prepare for liposuction, I always ask my patients have you done your research, because it’s really, important to know who you’re going to see, what laser they’re going to use and then prepping yourself for surgery. So, stop taking any aspirin products about a week prior to when you want to have a procedure done. Eating a healthy diet, eliminating white flour, white sugar, carbohydrates – trying to get your body to somewhat of a healthy state before a procedure. With liposuction the weight stays off permanently in that area that we liposuctioned. So, the fat cells are actually removed, which makes the procedure permanent.