Frustrated With Thighs? Cold Laser Liposuction Can Help

October 10, 2013

Lose Weight in Your Thighs with LiposuctionIf you’re like many others, your thighs are one weight-loss problem area that never seems to fade away. Have your thighs been a source of frustration, no matter the time and effort that you invest in the gym? DreamBody Medical Centers in Scottsdale, AZ can relieve your stress with the help of cold laser liposuction. This minimally invasive and nearly painless procedure can transform your thighs without hindering your normal routine.

We get it; the word ‘liposuction’ can sound daunting and dangerous, but this procedure is easier than you could imagine. DreamBody Medical Center’s advanced cold laser liposuction procedure is so pain-free that many patients return to work the day after, depending on the area treated. This is possible because the microscopic incision made to dissolve fat in unwanted areas heals within days. For once, you will be able to see weight loss results without the stress or the struggle.

DreamBody ensures that you are cared for through every step of the process. Only local anesthesia is utilized, and procedures are performed right in the office at the DreamBody Medical Center, so you can walk out of the office the very same day with slimmer thighs and new confidence.

DreamBody Specialists can remove up to 70% of the fat in your thigh area. And once DreamBody removes the fat cells in your thighs, these cells can never grow back. You can finally achieve the “thigh gap” that you have dreamed of with the help of our DreamBody doctors. Thanks to the friendly procedure, you can be back into the gym in no time—this time with a new attitude.

End your struggle with stubborn thighs and seek a transformation. With DreamBody’s cold laser liposuction, you can start fresh and see results from the very beginning. Book your consultation today! Our doctors love to help you through each and every step of the process.