Top 3 Most Popular Areas to Have Treated with Laser Liposuction

May 1, 2013

Three Most Popular Areas to Have Treated with Cold Laser LiposuctionBelieve it or not, liposuction has been performed on just about every part of the body you can imagine – but have you ever wondered what the three most popular and common areas to have treated with Cold Laser Liposuction are?

The doctors at DreamBody Medical Centers have noticed a rather obvious and common trend amongst patients and the areas they wish to have treated. The three most popular areas to have treated with Cold Laser Liposuction are the ever-so popular:

  • front tummy area
  • side “love-handles”
  • thighs

While other areas on the body are also treated, these three are simply the most common.

So why are these three areas so popular? Have you ever heard someone refer to a part of their body as being a “problem area”? These three areas are just that – problem areas. Meaning, no matter how much a person works out and eats right, one, two or all three of these areas continue to stay the same.

All three of these problem areas are common on both men and women. For those of you who have multiple problem areas and can’t seem to decide on one area to have treated; no need to worry. Since Cold Laser Liposuction is a safe and minimally invasive procedure, it is not uncommon for patients to receive treatment on multiple areas at a time.

Sometimes, no matter how many crunches and lunges you do, those problem areas don’t change a bit. Fix that by letting Dr. Paul Budnick and the team at DreamBody Medical Centers work their magic. You’ll be back to work within a few days of receiving this treatment and will start to see results immediately!